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Santalis Pharmaceuticals is on the leading edge of developing a unique platform of highly differentiated prescription and over-the-counter healthcare products based on its sustainably-grown pharmaceutical-grade East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO), also known as Sandalwood Album Oil (SAO).

Join us on our journey as we help change lives for the better and improve quality of life for those our products touch!

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East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO) is an ideal candidate for development under FDA’s botanical drug development guidelines, due to its long-standing use as a traditional medicine, its favorable safety profile, compositional and chemical stability, batch consistency and ease of formulation.

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East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO) is a novel, multi-functional botanical drug candidate with an exceptional therapeutic and safety profile targeting important diseases.

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Learn how and why East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO) is making international headlines as a unique, non-substitutable botanical drug candidate.

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